Thursday, 2021-04-15

Accepted Papers

This is the list of papers accepted for presentation at WOSP-C 2017. The detailed program with information on sessions and presentation times will be available shortly.



Accepted Submission Authors and Main Affiliation

Performance Engineering for DevOps Using Survivability Evaluation of High Availability Systems (keynote address)

Alberto Avritzer  - [Sonatype] 

Engineering the Performance of a Meta-modeling Architecture

Sara Fioravanti, Fulvio Patara and Enrico Vicario - [University of Florence]

Performance Engineering for Microservices: Research Challenges and Directions

Robert Heinrich - [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology]

André van Hoorn - [University of Stuttgart]

Holger Knoche - [Kiel University]

Fei Li - [Siemens AG]

Lucy Ellen Lwakatare - [University of Oulu]

Claus Pahl - [Free University of Bozen-Bolzano]

Stefan Schulte - [TU Wien]

Johannes Wettinger - 

A Case Study to elicit Challenges for Performance Engineering of Cyber Physical Systems

Lorenzo Pagliari - [Gran Sasso Science Institute]

Raffaela Mirandola - [Politecnico di Milano]

Catia Trubiani - [Gran Sasso Science Institute]

Open-perspective modeling of software systems Murray Woodside - [Carleton University]
SPE for the Internet of Things and Other Real-Time Embedded Systems

Connie U. Smith - [Performance Engineering Services]

Catalina M. Lladó - [Universitat de les Illes Balears]

Mapping of Service Level Objectives to Performance Queries
Jürgen Walter - [University of Würzburg] , Dušan Okanovi´c -
 [University of Stuttgart]; Samuel Kounev - [University of Würzburg]
Forwaord Andre B. Bondi