Friday, 2021-08-13

Accepted Papers

Accepted Submission Authors and Main Affiliation

Performance Engineering for DevOps Using Survivability Evaluation of High Availability Systemskeynote address)

Engineering the Performance of a Meta-modeling Architecture

Sara Fioravanti, Fulvio Patara and Enrico Vicario - [University of Florence]

Performance Engineering for Microservices: Research Challenges and Directions

Robert Heinrich - [Karlsruhe Institute of Technology]

Holger Knoche - [Kiel University]

Fei Li - [Siemens AG]

Lucy Ellen Lwakatare - [University of Oulu]

Claus Pahl - [Free University of Bozen-Bolzano]

Stefan Schulte - [TU Wien]

Johannes Wettinger -

A Case Study to elicit Challenges for Performance Engineering of Cyber Physical Systems

Lorenzo Pagliari - [Gran Sasso Science Institute]

Raffaela Mirandola - [Politecnico di Milano]

Catia Trubiani - [Gran Sasso Science Institute]

Open-perspective modeling of software systems Murray Woodside - [Carleton University]
SPE for the Internet of Things and Other Real-Time Embedded Systems

Connie U. Smith - [Performance Engineering Services]

Mapping of Service Level Objectives to Performance Queries

Forwaord Andre B. Bondi